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Havana Bar

Havana Bar

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Immerse yourself in the vibrant scents of Havana and Miami with our Havana and Miami Inspired soap. This captivating fragrance combines zesty notes of citrus with a blend of smokey cedarwood and oakmoss, creating an invigorating and exotic experience.

Our soap is meticulously crafted using a blend of saponified oils, including Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, and Shea Butter. These premium oils work together to cleanse and moisturize your skin, leaving it feeling nourished and refreshed.

Indulge in the enticing aroma that captures the essence of Havana and Miami. The light and zesty citrus notes awaken your senses, while the subtle hints of smokey cedarwood and oakmoss add depth and sophistication to the fragrance.

Experience the spirit of these vibrant cities with our Havana and Miami Inspired soap. Let the invigorating scents transport you to a world of excitement and relaxation, while the nourishing properties of Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, and Shea Butter pamper your skin.

INGREDIENTS: INGREDIENTS: Saponified oil (Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter), Sodium Lactate and Fragrance oil.


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