About Us

All my life my family has subscribed to the idea that, the old ways of self care were best. Whether I was using homegrown sage to clear unwanted energy, or just soaking in a lavender oil and rose bath to unwind after a rough day. Natural remedies always gave me the inner peace I was seeking without having to worry about the list of side effects that come with pharmaceutical or lab created products. In creating 929 APOTHECARY I wanted to call back to a simpler time, a time where people knew where each ingredient they put in or on their body came from; a source they trusted with their well being. 929 APOTHECARY will carry unique and exciting products and combinations, ranging from invigorating scents for whipped and bar soaps to body butters and salves.

I have always found inspiration within my roots, My Abuela, at 92, you will not find a more determined and dedicated woman, she encourages me to chase my dreams and never forget where I came from. Along with my friends and family, I am truly blessed. A inspiration familiar to anyone who has watched the show Schitts creek can probably guess that some of it came Daniel Levy’s character on Schitts creek, undoubtedly one of TVs funniest and warmest LGBTQ+ personalities. I won’t spoil it for anyone who hasn’t watched it (but seriously why haven’t you) but he definitely finds the best version of himself in a place he never thought he would by chasing a dream, and learning its ok to make mistakes, if they smell like lavender ;)